Site is DEAD

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Can someone comment on this to show me that they are real people? 😉

I don’t think I will be restarting this site, if anyone wants to, feel free to give me a contact


The Return?

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If anyone would like to restart this site, contact me please! Thanks 🙂

Peter Griffin

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“If you have a problem, tell it to my butt, it’s the only one that gives a crap!”

A revolution to the; “talk to the hand ‘cos the hand ain’t listening”. Love it.

Jon Arbuckle

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Jon really does say this too much.

Ron Stoppable

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“The first rule of Chess Club is you do not talk about Chess Club.”

This is one quote that I will never get my head around.


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“Heck yeah! I’m a triceratops balanced on a buttercup with spinning wheels, baby. Lets do this!”

That makes total sense…


PS – Sorry about missing a day, I was away on vacation.


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“Never trust a smiling cat.”

My cat has never, in my life, smiled at me.

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